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I am Passionate about dogs,
but my Goal is for you to be Passionate about Yours !!

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I am a passionate, patient dog lover first and a Dog Trainer second.

 I know each animal is different. I’ll work with yours to give them the specific guidance they need to become a Polite Pooch. Whether you’re thinking about getting a puppy, have a new dog or already own a pooch who needs some manners or has behavior issues.  Then I am here to HELP !!

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My Services

I Train You to Train Your Dog

On Site Board & Train

Starting with the Basics

Board & Train is a 3 week program done on my property.  I intimately work on understanding your dogs behavior. Your pooch has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands, and my job is to teach the techniques that will lay the foundation for you to build upon.   Your pooch and I work on the basic skills that every dog should know. After your dog is trained, then its your turn!!

In-Home Private Training 

Teaching Your Pooch Manners 

Does your pooch need some direction on how to be a polite family member?   Then this is the program for you.  I come to you!  Sessions are done in the comfort of your own home and we establish a program that fits both you and your pooch.  This program is on a weekly basis for 6 weeks.

 Freedom to Run

Advanced Training

This course expands on the basics. When your pooch has total understanding of the basic commands on leash, then its time to start working off leash with the understand of what is expected of them.  This course is more demanding on you as well as your pooch.  But once this program is mastered then you both feel the freedom that comes with having a very well behaved pooch.

Behavioral Modification 


Happy Dog - Happy Family

Is your pooch stressed out?  Do they have seperation anxiety?  Are you Stressed Out?  Since being certified in 2008, I have worked with many dogs with behavior issues.  Each dog is different just like us, so one approach may work for one pooch and not another.  I will come to your home and we will devise a program that works best you and your pooch.


Puppy Party

When your ready for next vacation or just need some time away, Bring your pooch to me and they will be loved on & played with in a home environment.  Great for socialization with other dogs.  NO KENNELS.




   Get in Touch!

Beth Droskin

(913) 424-7002

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